Commercial Driver Education in Vermont

CDL Schools

All of Vermont's commercial driving schools and instructors are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The schools are all individually owned, but they operate under the rules and regulations of the state.

There are many state-certified driving schools located throughout Vermont. Instruction from one of these schools is mandatory for obtaining a commercial driver's license.

At these schools you will receive:

  • Coaching on how to drive straight trucks and buses.
  • Thorough preparation for the commercial driver's license (CDL) written and road exams. Part of this readying includes providing a vehicle for the road-skills test, which takes place at a designated DMV test site.
  • Job-placement assistance providing, of course, you pass the exams.

Study the Manual

In addition to these driving schools, you can find a trove of big-rig information in the state's CDL manual. It offers detailed information ranging from road rules to operating air brakes. It can be downloaded in PDF format or found at any DMV location.

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