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    VT Personal Injury

    Personal injury simply means you were injured by the recklessness of another driver. Under this large scope, recklessness can mean many things including speeding, disobeying stop signs, improper lane changes, operating without a license, hit-and-run, failure to conform to weather conditions, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, or emotional trauma is difficult. Despite being the vicitm, it's your word against the insurance companies―who will try their hardest to shrink your settlement figures. It's a frustrating process, especially when your honesty suddenly comes into question.

    Obtaining a personal injury lawyer is strongly suggested. Confronting an insurance company on your own may embolden you with a lofty sense of principle, but more likely than not will result in a meager settlement figure.

    A personal injury lawyer knows what to expect and understands that the goal of an insurance company is to make money, not hand it out. And studies prove that personal injury victims with lawyers routinely receive higher settlements.

    Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultation before deciding whether or not to accept your case. If a lawyer accepts, it's a strong sign that your case is winnable.

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