Using a Vehicle History Reports Service

Whether brand new or pre-owned, a vehicle is a big purchase. Car buyers want to know everything they can about a vehicle, with special attention on the vehicle's history. How can you offer your prospects and customers the information they want, thus establishing a good reputation and boosting your sales?

By offering them AutoCheck vehicle history reports (VHRs).

Vehicle history reports from AutoCheck offer all kinds of important information about a car, including:

  • The vehicle's title and registration history.
  • The vehicle's usage history, including fleets, rentals, and taxis.
  • Water, fire, and hail damage, as well as accident damage, when such information is provided.
  • Salvage, junk, or lemon status.
  • Vehicle abandonment and theft.
  • Odometer problems.
  • Outstanding liens.
  • Grey market activity.

Note that only information about vehicles manufactured for American and Canadian markets is available through most services.

Features and Benefits to Dealerships

AutoCheck offers additional features to help satisfy your customers and increase your sales.

Buyback Protection

This buyback protection feature is similar to an insurance policy for both you and your customers. If a customer purchases a vehicle after receiving an VHR, and the VHR turns out to provide defective title information, AutoCheck has programs to buy back the vehicle at purchase price.

Even better news is that these features are included with your dealer program membership.


Contact AutoCheck for pricing. It may even have a special pricing plan with your manufacturer.

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