Replacing a Lost CDL in Virginia

VA Replacing a Lost CDL
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In Person

While you can replace a regular driver's license online, for a commercial license you will have to come in to a Customer Service Center in person to request a duplicate CDL.

Other Changes

When you apply, you can also change your address or organ donor status, or notify the DMV if you have changed your name. You can also register to vote on the application form (you'll pick this form up when you arrive at the DMV).

To replace your lost CDL, you will have to present two DMV-acceptable forms of ID. (If you are under age 19, you only need one.) If you have already proven legal presence and it is still valid, you do not have to provide proof again.

Next, you will pay a $20 replacement fee, and if you choose, you may have a new photo taken. Your new driver's license will be ready while you wait.

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