DMV Forms in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers many of its forms online.

The forms are available in PDF format. They can be viewed and saved using Adobe's free, downloadable reader software.

In many cases, you can open a form, fill it out on your computer, then print it. This feature can save you time when completing transactions in person or by mail.

NOTE: If you do not see the form you need below, the VA DMV may not offer it online. Check with your local DMV office for a copy of the form.

Most Requested Forms

Address Change Request - ISD 01

Use this form to update your address with the DMV when you move.

Driver's License and Identification Card Application - DL 1P

Apply for, renew, replace, or change the information on a driver's license, learner's permit, commercial license, or ID card.

Credit Card Charge Authorization - DMS 004

Include this form when paying by mail with a credit card.

Vehicle Registration Application - VSA 14

Use this application to register your vehicle, renew your registration, or replace your registration, license plates, or decal.

Driver's License & ID Forms

In-Car Maneuvers Observation Record - CSMA-19

Required documentation of driving skills for adult or home-schooled learner permit holder who DOES NOT take drivers ed.

Re-Establishing Your Virginia Residency or Qualifying for a Virginia Address Requirement Exemption - DVM 143

Explains how to prove you have a VA address and who can keep a VA driver's license without a VA address.

National Driver Register File Check Individual Request - DL 56

Submit this form to request a copy of your own National Driver Register record.

National Driver Register File Check Employer Request - DL 55

Submit this form to request a copy of an employee or potential employee's National Driver Register record.

Information Request - CRD 93

Complete this form for to get information from driving or vehicle records.

Identification Card Application for Minors Under Age 15 - DL5

Submit this application to get an ID card for a minor. See form for age restrictions.

Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education Parental Authorization Application - HS 1

Apply to provide in-car instruction for your child as a home school parent.

Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education Information Sheet - HS 3

Explains the responsibilities and application to provide in-car driving instruction to your home-schooled child.

Customer Vision Report - MED 4

Have your eye doctor complete this form to verify your vision meets DMV standards. May be required for license renewal.

Application for a Social Security Card - SS-5

Complete this application to change your name on your Social Security card.

Title & Registration Forms

Salvage Certificate Application - VSA 56

Submit this form when you need a salvage certificate or when a vehicle is water damaged.

Request for Examination of Repaired or Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle - LES 022A

Use this form when you have fixed a salvage vehicle and need it examined for a regular title.

Notification of Owner-Retained Late Model and/or Water Damaged Vehicle - VSA 58

Submit this form if you're keeping a vehicle that is considered salvage, water-damaged, or nonrepairable.

Antique License Plate Applicant Certification - VSA 10B

Submit this form to apply for an antique license plate.

Moped Certification - VSA 31

Application for a title for a moped.

Vehicle Registration Refund Application - FMS 210

Complete this form for a registration fee refund. See the form for eligibility requirements.

Application for Supplemental and Transfer Liens or Replacement and Substitute Titles - VSA 66

Complete this form when making changes to a title or replacing a title.

Application for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number - VSA 22

Use this form to get a vehicle identification number (VIN) for a vehicle that doesn't have one.

Buying & Selling Forms

Transfer of Certificate of Title With Lien - SUT 4

If you are the lienholder, use this form to transfer the title of a vehicle with a lien.

Vehicle Price Certification - SUT 1

Complete this form to verify the sale price of a vehicle so the buyer can title it.

Purchaser's Statement of Tax Exemption - SUT 3

Submit this form to claim a tax exemption for a vehicle you've purchased. Valid exemptions are listed on the form.

Odometer Disclosure Statement - VSA 5

This form is required to report a vehicle's mileage IF the vehicle doesn't have a title.

Certification of Authority to Transfer Virginia Title - VSA 24

Include this form if you are the heir of a deceased person and you're selling a vehicle that is titled in their name.

Commercial Forms

For-Hire Intrastate Operating Authority Certificate, License, or Permit Renewal Application - OA 144M

Submit this form to renew your Intrastate Operating Authority documentation.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Self-Certification - DL 8

Submit or change your CDL self-certification using this form.

Disability Forms

Veteran Certification of DIsability - VSA 54

Application for disabled veteran registration fees and license plates. Must be completed by the VA and a medical professional.

Institutional/Organizational Disabled Parking Placard Application - MED 11

Use this form if you represent an organization that needs disabled parking placards for its vehicles.

Disabled Parking Placard or License Plates Application - MED 10

Submit this application to get a disabled parking plate or placard. Must be completed by a medical professional.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration Application Form - VA-NVRA-1

Complete and submit this application to register to vote in Virginia.

Dealer Forms

Application for Certificate of Qualification/Salesperson's License - DSD 7

Use this form to apply for a certificate or license to sell motor vehicles.

Permit to Use Dealer's License Plates - DSD 27

Complete this form to allow a buyer or other authorized person to use dealer plates for a limited time.

Motor Vehicle Dealer License Application for Initial License or Review - DSD 10

Apply for or renew your vehicle dealer license.

Dealer Request for DMV Forms - DSD 36

Use this form to order motor vehicle dealer forms from the DMV.

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