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    Driver’s License Suspension in Utah

    It is the responsibility of the Utah Driver License Division (DLD) to ensure that the drivers on Utah roads are safe and responsible.

    Should the DLD determine that you are not a safe or responsible driver, it may suspend your driving privileges.

    Read below to learn more about how your license can be suspended and how to reinstate your license.

    About Your Suspended License in UT

    You can lose your driving privileges any number of ways. Some common reasons for license suspension are listed below:

    • Points: If you manage to accumulate 200 points on your license within a 3-year period (70 points if under 21 years old).
    • DUI conviction.
    • Chemical test refusal: Failing to submit to a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) test requested by a law enforcement officer.
    • Driving without adequate insurance.
    • Alcohol-restricted driver violation.
      • After certain convictions (e.g., DUI or refusing to submit to a chemical test), you may be considered an alcohol-restricted driver.
      • Driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system for the duration of your probation can result in your license being confiscated.
    • Failure to appear in court or pay a fine for a traffic violation.
    • Failure to pay child support.
    • Conviction of a texting violation.

    If you drive with a suspended license, you are subject to criminal penalties including 90 days of jail time and fines. Your original suspension or revocation period will also be increased by the original time amount.

    Penalties are increased for drivers who drive during their suspension period for a DUI.

    Check Your License Status

    Because you can risk losing your license upon the accumulation of points or other violations, it’s a good idea to know how what’s on your Utah driving record.

    Your driving record will show you any points, accidents, tickets, etc. Find out the status of your license today.

    Utah Suspension Hearings & Appeals

    The DLD may request that you come in for an administrative hearing if you’ve committed a violation that may lead to suspension (for example, accumulating too many DMV points).

    The results of the hearing will determine whether your license is suspended, you’re put on probation, or if you have to complete a defensive driver course.

    DUI Hearings

    If an arresting officer confiscates your UT driver’s license as a result of a DUI offense, you have 10 days to request a hearing by:

    • Completing a Hearing Request form.
    • Faxing the form to the Driver License Division at (801) 964-4499.

    NOTE: The DLD cannot reverse a decision made by the court. If you wish to appeal a court conviction, you must do so with the court.

    Restricted Utah Licenses

    In some cases, you may receive a limited license that allows you to drive only to and from work, but you'll have to have a hearing to apply for one. You must also be violation-free for 1 year.

    The Utah DPS lists the requirements needed to apply for a limited license, but know that you must provide:

    • Proof that you need the license or you face hardship.
      • Example: A letter from your employer that details your work schedule (if a license is needed for work).
    • A letter from the most recent convicting judge.
    • Written verification from your doctor that you are not unable to drive due to a controlled substance or any impairment.

    Before you’ll be issued a limited license, you’ll have to:

    • Pay all your reinstatement fees. (See “Fees for Suspended Licenses in UT” below.)
    • Pay the license fee.
    • Complete any required tests.
    • Meet all department actions that are outstanding.

    Reinstate Your Suspended UT License

    In order to have your Utah driver’s license reinstated, you must first wait until your suspension period expires.

    Once you are eligible for reinstatement, you’ll need to fulfill any requirements issued to you by the DLD or the court. Requirements may involve:

    • Defensive driving courses.
    • Showing proof of auto insurance.
    • Applying for a new UT license and taking any related tests.
    • Paying any reinstatement fees (and other related fines).
      • See “Fees for Suspended Licenses in UT” below.

    Contact the Utah DLD to learn more about what specific requirements apply to you.

    Fees for Suspended Licenses in UT

    In addition to paying any court-imposed fines, you'll pay the Utah Driver License Division a fee to reinstate your license when you become eligible to do so, plus an administrative fee. Forms are available at driver license field offices, and fees are as follows:

    • Reinstatement: $30.
    • Reinstatement for an alcohol- or drug-related offense: $65.
    • Administrative fee for alcohol- or drug-related offenses: $170.
      • This is in addition to your reinstatement fee.
    • Administrative fee for license reinstatement after confiscation (pick-up order): $30.

    NOTE: You may be subject to additional fees imposed by the court.

    Utah CDL Suspensions

    Rules tend to be much stricter for drivers of commercial vehicles.

    Common reasons for the suspension or disqualification of CDLs include:

    • DUI.
    • Felony convictions involving the use of a commercial vehicle.
    • Multiple convictions of serious traffic violations.

    Read our Utah CDL section to learn more.

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