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  • Replacing a Lost License in Utah

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    Replacing a License

    Because Utah doesn't require you to file a police report if your license is lost, stolen, or damaged, it's not difficult to replace a lost license―though you will need to appear in person to apply for a duplicate.

    To obtain a duplicate license, visit your local DMV office with:

    • Proof of identity.
    • Your Social Security number.
    • Two documents proving your Utah address if it differs from the one on your current Utah record.
    • Proof of lawful and legal presence.
    • Documents supporting a recent name change, if applicable.
    • Payment to cover $18 duplicate license fee.

    Your new license will expire on the same date as the license it replaces.

    NOTE: If you're ordering a duplicate Driving Privilege Card, you may need to provide a fingerprint card and a photo of yourself in a sealed envelope.

    When You're Away

    If you misplace your license or your license is stolen while you are traveling out of state or abroad, you're out of luck until you return to Utah, since you are required to appear in person at a driver license field office with the proper forms of identification in order to get a duplicate. You might want to bring photocopies of your driver license with you when traveling―kept somewhere safe―in case of emergency.

    If you believe your license was stolen, you aren't required to report it, but it's not a bad idea to let the local authorities know. Because identity theft is such a far-reaching problem these days, you might also consider reporting the lost or stolen license to the U.S. embassy if you're outside of the country. You want to take any measure possible to avoid being drawn into a messy situation where someone else is claiming to be you. To learn more about identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft website.

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