Replacing a Lost CDL in Utah

Replacement of a CDL

Fortunately, if you've already suffered the misfortune of losing your Utah commercial driver license (CDL), you don't need to jump through a lot of hoops to replace it. In Utah there is no need to report your lost CDL to police, which makes the process of getting another one a lot easier. All you need to do is appear in person at a driver license field office that handles commercial licenses and:

  • Complete a form for a duplicate license
  • Present proper ID (see below)
  • Present a valid DOT medical card and medical certification
  • Pay the $18 duplicate fee

Bring Some ID

Because losing your Utah CDL means you've also lost your primary form of identification, you'll need to bring in two other forms of ID to verify your identity before the Driver License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety can issue you a replacement. Acceptable forms of ID include a birth certificate and a Social Security card, but there are also other options.

Changing Name or Address

There are other reasons you might need to apply for a duplicate CDL besides losing yours. If you change your name or address at any time other than when you renew your license, you need to apply for a duplicate license within 30 days that reflects the updated information.

For more CDL information, see Applying For a New CDL,
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