Motorcycle Registration in Utah

If you're a Utah resident who owns and uses an on-highway motorcycle in Utah, you must register and title it with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) just as if the vehicle were a car or truck. The only difference is that motorcycles are exempt from emissions test requirements and their taxes and registration fees are less.

If you bought your motorcycle from a dealer, usually the dealer will take care of the title and registration processes for you. Otherwise, follow these steps.

To register and title your motorcycle for the first time, go to your local DMV office and bring the following paperwork:

  • Form TC-656 (Application for Utah Title); this will also cover your registration
  • Safety inspection certificate no more than two months old
  • Proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, vehicle title, or previous registration
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection (the safety inspection certificate will usually suffice)
  • Uniform age-based property tax fee (from $10 to $95; see table)
  • Sales and use tax based on the purchase price, which should be listed on the title being transferred or bill of sale (this is a one-time-only tax)
  • Registration fee (fee may vary)
  • Title fee of $6
  • Odometer statement for motorcycles less than 10 years old (usually on the bill of sale or proof of purchase)
  • At least one person whose name will appear on the new title

You'll be issued plates and decals for your motorcycle, which you should remove and return to the DMV if you sell the vehicle.

Renewing Your Registration

Your registration is due for renewal every year. To remain registered, on-highway motorcycles that are less than eight years old must have a safety inspection every two years; any older than that and they should be inspected every year. The state limits the cost of a motorcycle safety inspection to $7.
Motorcycles do not need an emissions certificate.

For information about registering off-road bikes, visit the state's off-highway vehicle pages.

To renew your registration, bring your renewal notice and your most recent safety inspection certificate (if required), title (if not held by lienholder), VIN inspection (if required), and most recent registration to your local DMV office, "on the spot" renewal station at a participating inspection facility, or online at the DMV's Renewal Express page (credit card required). You'll need to pay a motorcycle registration fee plus the uniform age-based tax.

For more information about registering your motorcycle, see the DMV's Registering Vehicles page or Publication 9, How to Register and Title Your Vehicle in Utah.

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