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  • Change of Address in Utah

    When to Change Your Address

    Utah law requires you to notify the Utah Department of Public Safety Driver License Division within 10 days if you move. This is particularly important if you're eligible to extend or renew your license by mail, because the post office won't forward mail from the Driver License Division to your new address―in which case you won't receive the renewal notice.

    Change Your Driver's License Address

    You can change your address with the Driver License Division either online or in person at a Utah driver license office. You can then affix your new address on the back of your license by writing on a piece of tape or using an address label.

    Change Your Registration Address

    Along with your license, you should update your address of record for your car registration whenever you move. You must do this through the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, which is separate from the Driver License Division. You can change your address:

    • Online.
    • By calling the DMV at (801) 297-7780 or (800) 368-8824.
    • In person at your local Utah DMV office.

    For more information visit the Utah DMV website.

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