Boat Registration and Licenses in Utah

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Boat Registration and Licenses in Utah

All registration and titles are processed through the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles.

For information about how to register your boat in Utah, renew your boat registration, and replace a lost boat registration certificate, continue reading this page. Below, you will also find out about the minimum boat insurance requirements in Utah.

Boats You Must Register

In Utah, you're required to register sailboats and any vessel equipped with a motor.

What Not to Register

  • Canoes.
  • Kayaks.
  • Sailboards.


  • Boats registered in other states and kept in Utah for no more than 60 consecutive days.
  • Ships' lifeboats.
  • Boats and watercraft that are from another country.
  • Boats that are temporarily within state lines.
  • Watercraft that are owned by the U.S. or state government.

Boat Requirements and Procedures

To register and title your boat in Utah, you will need to apply in person at your nearest Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office with the following:

  • Vessel Application For Utah Title (Form TC-656V).
  • Validated tax certificate from the county assessor (this proves that you have paid the uniform age-based fee).
  • Proof of ownership (bill of sale) if you're titling for the first time.
  • Certificate Of Inspection (Form TC-661) (Boats purchased from a Dealer are not required to have this form.)
  • Cash or check to pay all applicable fees. See below for more fee details.

All motorboats, sailboats and jet skis that are 1985 or newer must also be titled.

Utah Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a requirement for all motorboats and personal water crafts in Utah. To be in compliance and protect yourself, you're going to want to do some research and make sure you have an adequate boat insurance policy in Utah.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000/$50,000 bodily injury/death and $15,000 property damage.
  • $65,000 combined minimum per accident.

Be sure to carry proof of insurance with you at all times when you are operating your boat.

NOTE: If you own an airboat or your motorboat has an engine with less than 50 horsepower, you are exempt from the above requirements.

Boat Registration Fees


Registration fees in Utah are based on your boat's length and age.

For ore information, please call your local DMV office.

Renewals and Replacements

All boat registrations are valid for 1 year based upon when you registered.

You can renew your boat registration online, by mail, or in person at your local UT DMV office.

Renew Online

You may renew your UT boat registration online using the PIN found on your renewal notice.

Renew by Mail

You can also mail your application for a boat registration renewal to the address printed on your renewal notice.

Renew in Person

Visit any DMV office with your renewal notice, or, if you did not receive one, with your old registration.

Replace Lost Registration or Decal

To apply for a duplicate copy of your boat registration certificate or decal, you'll need to visit any Utah DMV office.

The fees for replacement copies are $4 for registration and $7 if you need to replace a decal.

Boater License in Utah

Operators between the ages of 12 to 17 years old must pass Utah's Personal Watercraft Education course in order to legally operate a boat.

Boating Safety Courses

  • Online: Check with the DMV for state-approved third-party providers.
  • Classroom: Taught throughout the state. For locations and dates, call (801) 538-BOAT.

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