511 Traffic Systems in Texas

What Is 511?

511 is the federally-backed telephone number that provides detailed traffic information for each state that is part of the service. The idea behind the number is simple: to aid travelers and shippers in saving time and money on the road and helping keep people on the road safe. Plus, having one number apply to each state saves divers the hassle of having to look up different digits each time they cross a state border.

Does Texas Use 511?

Unfortunately, at this time, Texas has yet to plug into the program. However, the state has received federal funding and is studying the feasibility of implementing the program. Thus, it may be only a matter of time before checking out what is ahead on the roads of Texas is as easy as dialing 511.

Using 511 in Other States

But if you're planning a road trip, be sure to check which states have 511. By either dialing 511 or using the state's website, you'll plug into all kinds of information. States sometimes include lots of extras, like train and bus schedules, visitor information, and more.

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