DMV Point System in Texas

In order to track driver behavior and encourage safe driver habits, Texas uses a point system as part of individual driving records. Points are assessed according to violations for which a driver may be convicted.

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Driver Responsibility Program

In Texas, the driver point system called the Driver Responsibility Program, or DRP.

Compared to other states with point programs, Texas has a relatively low point count before heavy penalties start kicking in―just 6 points in 3 years.

You can be assessed points for the following:

  • A single moving violation is 2 points.
  • A moving violation resulting in an accident is 3 points.

In addition to having your license suspended for habitual traffic citations, you risk paying increasingly heavy fines on an annual, repeating basis by accumulating points. So drive safely and save your hard-earned cash!

What Can It Cost You?

There is almost no upper limit to what violations can cost you in fines, and if you choose to defend yourself against the charges, you can be hit with substantial legal fees as well.

But if you rack up 6 points on your license by the end of the year, you then have to also pay a $100 "assessment surcharge." And that amount goes up by $25 for each subsequent point over 6 points. For each year that you have 6 points or more still on your license, you will have to pay the $100 fee again, along with $25 each for each point above 6 points.

Check Your Driver's License Status

If you need or want to check the status of your driver's license, you might want to order a driving record report. This record will spell out if your driver's license is currently valid. Should your license have been revoked or suspended, the report will indicate that according to what's on record at the DPS. This report will also show points against your license and, in some cases, information on any accidents you have had.

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