DPS Forms in Texas

Any government office loves to have forms to fill out, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are no exceptions. While requests for forms formerly had to be made in person or by mail, now many commonly needed forms for Texas motor vehicle registration and driver's licenses are available online.

Some forms can be filled out and submitted electronically, while others must be downloaded as a PDF file, printed out, and mailed or hand-carried into the local office.

If the files are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Printable Forms

Title and Registration

The TxDMV provides forms dealing with title and registration matters.

Driver Licenses

The DPS posts driver license forms and handbooks, though the form needed to apply for a new license must be picked up in person at a driver license office.

The DPS also offers a long list of other varied driver-related forms, including:

  • Accident reports
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement form
  • Motorcycle safety information and forms
  • Minor's restricted driving license application
  • Parental teen-driver consent revocation form
  • Application for Title (Form 130-U) download
  • Driver's crash report form also known as a blue form (This form is completed within 10 days, by a driver that is involved in a crash when the accident is not investigated by a law enforcement officer and apparent damage is $1,000 or more or if the crash resulted in injury or death.)

License Plates

If you want to pony up some cash and lose that anonymous mix of numbers and letters on your license plates in favor of a vanity plate or other special plate, you can find all kinds of license plate application forms online. Are you "Animal Friendly"? Want to urge others to donate blood? Proud of your college background? You'll find a plate that's perfect for you.

Online Services

Some transactions can be completed entirely online, saving you the hassle of filling out a form and appearing in person at a licensing or registration office office.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

You may renew your car registration online through the TxDMV's online renewal service. There are some eligibility requirements, as well as a small service charge.

License and ID Renewal

To renew your Texas driver's license or ID card through an online form, or to change your address, go to the online license renewal page.

Note: Commercial driver's licenses cannot be renewed online; they can only be renewed or changed by going in person to the local driver license office.

Driving Records

You can also obtain a copy of your personal driving record online. These reports may be required for employment applications, to contest traffic tickets, and for many other purposes.

While commercial drivers may not renew their CDLs online, commercial driving records can be requested online using the same form. The only difference is that CDL holders must enter their entire DPS audit number in the provided box on the form.

Employers and other interested parties or agencies requesting driving records should use the Application for Driver Record (Form DR-1).

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