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  • Boat Registration and Licenses in Texas

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    Boat Registration and Licenses in Texas

    If you're looking to get your boat registered in Texas, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will process your request. You may also register your boat through participating tax assessor-collector offices.

    Continue reading this page to find out how to apply for boat registration, renew existing boat registration, and obtain a duplicate copy of your TX boat registration document.

    Boats You Must Register in TX

    • Any motorized boat of any length.
    • Any sailboat 14 ft or longer, and sailboats of any size if they carry an engine.
    • U.S. Coast Guard documented vessels.


    • U.S. Coast Guard documented commercial vessels used in coastal shipping.
    • U.S. Coast Guard documented USCG vessels exceeding 115 ft.

    What Not to Register

    • Non-motorized canoes.
    • Non-motorized kayaks.
    • Non-motorized punts.
    • Non-motorized rowboats.
    • Non-motorized inflatable rafts.

    Registration Requirements and Procedures

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) registers boats. The steps you will need to take to apply for TX boat registration will depend on if you have a new boat, or a used boat that is not currently registered or titled.

    New Boat Registration

    To register your new boat in Texas, you'll need:

    • A bill of sale.
    • A manufacturer's Statement of Origin.
    • A completed Vessel/Boat Application (Form PWD 143).
    • Payment for your boat registration fee. See "Texas Boat Registration Fees" below.

    Used Boat Not Registered or Titled With the TPWD

    To register your used boat, you'll need:

    For other specific transactions, visit the TPWD's web page.

    Texas Boat Registration Fees

    Registration fees are based on the length of your boat:

    • 16 ft: $32.
    • Livery boat less than 16 ft: $32.
    • 16 ft to 26 ft: $53.
    • 26 ft to 40 ft: $110.
    • 40 ft or more: $150.

    Registration Renewals and Replacements

    Boat registrations are valid for 2 years in Texas. You can renew your TX boat registration online, by mail, or in person at any TPWD office.

    Renew Online

    To process your renewal online, you will need to use your VISA, Discover, or MasterCard.

    Use the receipt as a temporary registration certificate (valid for up to 45 days) until your decals and permanent registration card arrive in the mail.

    Renew by Mail

    You can also mail your renewal notice or a Vessel/Boat Records Maintenance (Form PWD 143M) or a renewal request letter to:

    4200 Smith School Road
    Austin, Texas 78744

    Renew in Person

    You can also renew your Texas boat registration by visiting any TPWD office.

    To expedite the process, either bring your renewal notification or a completed Vessel/Boat Records Maintenance (Form PWD 143M).

    Replace Lost Boat Registration

    If you need a duplicate copy of your Texas boat registration card, you'll need to drop off a completed Vessel/Boat Records Maintenance (Form PWD 143M) at any TPWD office.

    Boater Safety Courses in Texas

    Anyone born on or after September 1, 1993 must complete a certified boater safety course.

    • Online: State-approved website offers a convenient online class.
    • Classroom: Courses are offered throughout Texas.
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