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You’ve probably used 411, you’re definitely familiar with 911, but have you taken advantage of your state’s 511 traffic system?

Many states have adopted this system to give their drivers up-to-the-minute travel information. By phone, and often online, motorists can hear the latest on road closures, highway conditions, ride-sharing details, accidents, detours, you name it. You might even find wait times at border crossings if you live in a state that borders Mexico or Canada.

Now if your state hasn’t caught on, don’t fret. Not all states are using the traffic system, yet. And not all areas in the states that do use 511 have the system available.

If you live in a state that has started using 511, be sure you are familiar with its cell phone laws. You don’t want to get a ticket while dialing 511 on your cell phone from behind the wheel if your state does not allow the use of cell phones while driving.

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