Travel & Road Trip Safety

Travel & Road Trip Safety

Getting ready for a road trip? Let our travel guide help you get the most out of your journey.

In This Section
  • 511 Traffic Systems

    Road Closures, Highway Conditions, Accidents, Detours via National 511 at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Traffic Alerts

    Traffic Alerts - View your cities current traffic status, plan your way around traffic to avoid headaches.

  • Avoiding Road Construction

    Review the DMV Guide How-To Guide to help you avoid road construction delays during your travels.

  • Pre-trip Maintenance

    How to prepare your vehicle for a long trip at The DMV Made Simple.

  • RV Handling & Driving Tips

    Helpful hints on how to handle your RV safely.

  • How To Pull A Trailer

    Need information on how to safely tow a trailer? Our guide will show you the proper steps for setting up and towing your trailer at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Crossing the Border

    What you need to know if you're thinking about visiting our neighbors to the north or south & crossing the border.

  • Traveling With Your Pet

    Great advise for how to keep both you and your pet happy while you travel at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Saving Money on the Road

    Cool tips on how to save money during your road trip at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Gas-Saving Tips

    High gas prices dipping into your wallet? Let our gas mileage improvement guide help you make your vehicle more efficient at The DMV Made Simple.

  • How To Put On Tire Chains

    Finding it difficult to put those chains on? Here is a guide to assist you to attach your chain correctly at The DMV Made Simple.