Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Getting ready for a road trip? Let our travel guide help you get the most out of your journey.

In This Section
  • How To Pull A Trailer

    Need information on how to safely tow a trailer? Our guide will show you the proper steps for setting up and towing your trailer at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Pre-trip Maintenance

    How to prepare your vehicle for a long trip at The DMV Made Simple.

  • RV Handling & Driving Tips

    Helpful hints on how to handle your RV safely.

  • How To Reach Your Destination Safely

    Information on safe traveling at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Vintage Cars and Rallies

    Interested in vintage cars and rallies? Let our guide help you find what you are looking for at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Should You Join a Car Club?

    Interested in joining a car club? Resources and information to aid in your search at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Saving Money on the Road

    Cool tips on how to save money during your road trip at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Top Ten Seasonal Scenic Drives

    Considering a stunning scenic drive for your next vacation? See what the ten best drives have to offer by reading the DMV Guide How-Top Guide.

  • Traveling With Your Pet

    Great advise for how to keep both you and your pet happy while you travel at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Preparing A First-aid Kit

    Have a fully stocked first aid kit when you travel! Here's what to include to make sure your covered at The DMV Made Simple.

  • Crossing the Border

    What you need to know if you're thinking about visiting our neighbors to the north or south & crossing the border. Find out what you need to know by reading our How To Guide.

  • Wireless Maps on Cell Phones

    As if your cell phone doesn't do enough with pictures, music, and calls, it can now pull up maps. Learn how at the DMV Guide How-To Guides for drivers.

  • Avoiding Road Construction

    Review the DMV Guide How-To Guide to help you avoid road construction delays during your travels.