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      Attorneys and legal services specializing in traffic citations, listed by state.

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      Need help paying your ticket? DMV Guide has the answers. Information for where and how...

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      Learn More On How To Fight Your Traffic Ticket. Get Tips On Hiring A Traffic...

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      Learn How To Track Down Lost Traffic Tickets So You Can Easily Pay Your Ticket...

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      Learn how to obtain your driving record or the driving records of another driver. Driving...

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    Summary: Traffic Tickets

    If you've committed a traffic violation and received a citation, you'll need to decide whether to fight or pay the ticket. Your ticket fines and requirements will vary depending on where you received your citation and whether it is a speeding ticket, red light ticket, or a ticket/penalty for driving without insurance.

    Everybody makes mistakes, right? If you've recently received a traffic ticket, is here to help. Our experts have researched regulations in all 50 states to compile a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for drivers of all ages.

    Pay Ticket

    Arguably the worst part about getting a traffic ticket is that it cost money. Whether you get a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, a parking ticket, or one of the many other possible tickets for various traffic violations, your state is going to hit you with hefty fines and penalties. Choose your state above to find out specific information on how and where to pay your traffic ticket fines in your state.

    Fight Traffic Tickets

    Being guilty of a traffic violation will cost you money in fines, and can also increase your driving record points, which will in turn increase your car insurance rates. In other words, traffic tickets can have a very negative impact on your life. With this is mind, you may want to consider going to traffic court to fight your ticket. 

    Going to court can be daunting. Consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to help guide and represent you through the process. 

    Lost Traffic Tickets

    Losing your ticket is a big deal. It has much of the pertinent information you'll need to pay your ticket in a timely manner to avoid further fines and penalties. Fortunately, most traffic courts have services to help you find citation numbers and help recover your lost traffic ticket.

    Tickets and Your Driver's License

    Having driver's license points added to your driving record can lead to increases in your car insurance rates, and the loss of your driving privileges. Some severe traffic violations come with automatic driver's license suspensions. 

    Several states allow drivers to take defensive driving traffic school in order to have points removed from their driving records. If you are guilty of a traffic violation you should look into your eligibility for point reduction and sign up for traffic school

    Car Insurance Violations

    While getting traffic tickets can affect your car insurance rates, being guilty of a car insurance violation can affect you even more. 

    Most states require you to have some form of car insurance. If you car caught without coverage, expect to see large fines as a penalty for driving without insurance. Some states allow insurance companies to cancel your policy for insurance violations. This typically means you will be tasked with finding a new car insurance company that will likely charge you with much high car insurance rates.