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    "Was I speeding, officer?"

    It's an age-old story. You're driving a straight stretch on a Friday afternoon, you have the entire weekend ahead of you, and you're eager to get home. You crank up the radio feeling excited and free. Pretty soon you hear the sirens―and you know they're not part of that tune.

    "Yes, you were."

    It's happened to many of us, and it can happen to you.

    Regardless of whether you're issued a traffic ticket for a moving violation such as breaking the speed limit or a nonmoving violation such as parking in front of a fire hydrant, some cases escalate to the point of needing legal advice.

    This is particularly true if getting one more ticket will put you over your state's point limit and result in heavy penalties such as your driver's license being suspended. Here, it might be worth retaining a lawyer to help you avoid that fate.

    How do you choose your attorney?

    Luckily, provides you with all the information you need about attorneys who specialize in traffic ticket cases.

    Traffic ticket attorneys will help you explain your situation. Maybe you were speeding to get to a hospital, or maybe you parked in front of a fire hydrant due to a sudden emergency. Whatever the case, you want to be able to explain it to the judge.

    Perhaps you really don't have an excuse other than negligence, in which case a traffic ticket attorney might be able to help you get a judgement with which you can be satisfied.

    Use for your state to help you find an attorney to handle your traffic ticket case.