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  • Replacing a Lost Title in Tennessee

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    If you've lost your Tennessee vehicle title, you can apply for a duplicate in one of two ways: by mail, or in person at your local County Clerk's office.

    Apply by Mail

    To apply for your duplicate title in Tennessee by mail, download, print, and complete the duplicate title request form.

    Mail the completed form, a lien discharge notice (if applicable), and the $11 fee (additional county fees may apply) to the office of your local county clerk. County Clerk contact information is available at the County Clerk website.

    Apply in Person

    To apply for a duplicate Tennessee title in person, go to your local County Clerk's office with:

    NOTE: If you live in a county with several county clerk offices, call ahead to confirm that duplicate titles are processed. In some instances, only one of the listed county clerk offices will offer this service.

    Can't Get Out?

    If you can't get out of your house and don't want to apply by mail, you can send someone else to do your dirty work for you!

    Whomever you choose as your victim must take the complete application and $11 fee (additional county fees may apply) to the County Clerk's office, along with two proofs of their own identification and a notarized power of attorney statement.

    Keep track of the replacement process by calling the Vehicle Title and Registration Division at (888) 871-3171.

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