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  • Special Vehicles in South Dakota

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    Snowmobile Registration

    Outside of bicycles and skateboards, South Dakota's Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) requires registration for just about anything with axles and wheels, including snowmobiles.

    All snowmobiles must be registered, regardless if you restrict your riding to private property or exclusively to frozen lakes. Your county treasurer handles all registrations. What forms to bring depends on whether you purchased the snowmobile from a dealership or from an individual.

    If You Purchased From a Dealership

    Here's what you do:

    • Complete an Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration (Form MV-608).
    • Bring along a purchase order, bill of sale, or sales contract if the Dealer Price Certification is not completed on the application.
    • Include the manufacturer's statement of origin.
    • Pay the state's 3% excise tax, a $10 license fee that's good for 1 year, and any other applicable fees.

    If You Purchased From an Individual

    Follow these steps:

    Trailer Registration

    The state requires an annual trailer plate for any trailers being towed by cars, pickups or vans weighing under 6,000 lbs. Vehicles licensed for gross weight can tow a licensed trailer, provided that the combined weight of the trailer and the load being hauled are not included in determining the vehicle's declared gross weight.

    Here are the procedures to follow:

    All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Registration

    To register your ATV you must:

    Low-Speed Vehicles

    All low-speed, electrical vehicles with 4 wheels, that cannot achieve speeds greater than 25 MPH on a paved road, cannot be driven on any public road with posted speed limits of 35 MPH or faster.

    In addition, theses vehicles must be titled and registered. And you must own a driver's license in order to operate one.

    Motorhomes and RVs in South Dakota

    If you own a motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) in South Dakota, it must be registered and titled with the DMV much the same was as a regular car. For more information, visit our Register Car in South Dakota page.

    Scooter and Moped Registration in SD

    All motor-powered cycles must be registered in South Dakota. Our Motorcycle Registration in South Dakota page has complete details.

    Most motor-driven cycles and scooters are classed as motorcycles, including:

    • Scooters operated while standing.
    • Bicycles with motors.
    • Mopeds with engines 51 cc or higher.

    Mopeds with engines 50 cc or lower are separately categorized but are registered in the same way as motorcycles and other vehicles.