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  • License Plates & Placards in South Dakota

    South Dakota License Plates

    While traveling throughout beautiful South Dakota, you've probably noticed that there is an increased variety of license plates available.

    The state actually breaks these license plates into the following categories:

    • Standard South Dakota License Plates
    • Physically Disabled Parking Permits and License Plates
    • Commercial License Plates
    • Dealer License Plates
    • Exempt Entities License Plates
    • Historic Plates
    • Military License Plates
    • Motorcycle License Plates
    • Organization/First Responder Decals
    • Personalized License Plates
    • Special License Plates
    • Prorate License Plates

    When you register your vehicle in South Dakota, you'll have to option of requesting vanity, personalized, or special interest license plates.

    On this page you'll find an overview of the different types of license plates and application requirements in South Dakota.

    Standard South Dakota License Plates

    As the name implies, these are the basic, common plates issued to drivers who don't request a special plate.

    These plates are issued after you have registered your vehicle.

    The cost will vary depending on the weight and age of your vehicle.

    Personalized SD License Plates

    Also known as "vanity plates," these plates are issued after completing a South Dakota Personalized License Plate Application (Form MV-239). Personalized license plates carry an annual fee of $25.

    You may order one of these personalized plates as long as you're a South Dakota resident and own the vehicle.

    This is your big chance to express yourself on your license plate (using between 1 and 7 letters). If you want to use a space or a star, you'll need to put that on the application.

    Be sure to include a copy of your South Dakota vehicle registration with the application.

    Physically Disabled Parking Permits and License Plates

    If you need a disabled plate or permit, you'll have to complete an Application for Physically Disabled Parking Permit and License Plates (Form MV-044).

    Your doctor must sign and complete the back of the application, indicating that you meet the disability requirements. We discuss these requirements as well as other disability issues in our Drivers with Disabilities section.

    Only the vehicle title owner may apply for a disability plate.

    The plates are free, but there may be a mailing fee if you apply by mail.

    Historical (Antique) Plates in South Dakota

    South Dakota refers to its antique vehicle plates as historical plates.

    The requirements for historical license plates for you vehicle are as follows:

    • Your vehicle is at least 30 years old.
    • Your vehicle is not for regular, everyday use. It can only be used for parades, exhibitions, tours, and displays.

    To apply for historical license plates, submit a completed Application for Special License Plates along with your $10 payment.

    Surrendering Your Plates in South Dakota

    South Dakota does not require you to return your license plates after relocating to another state, but does require you to remove and keep your plates when you sell your vehicle.

    If you wish to surrender your license plates after the vehicle ownership has been transferred, the vehicle has been destroyed, or the vehicle has been registered and titled out of state, you can visit or mail your local South Dakota DOR office.

    For more information, please contact the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

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