Lemon Law Attorneys in South Dakota

SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in South Dakota

If your vehicle is a lemon, you may consider hiring a South Dakota lemon law attorney to take your case. Consulting with a few lawyers can help you choose a lemon law attorney to represent you.

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Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney in South Dakota

If your vehicle is a lemon, you may already know a bit about South Dakota's lemon law and complaint procedures.

Even with your experience, the complexity of these laws can be overwhelming. Added to that, taking your car in for multiple repairs is time-consuming.

Many people decide to hire a lemon law attorney to help them better understand what to do to when their vehicle turns out to be a lemon.

A SD lemon lawyer can help in several ways, including:

  • Advising you on the best course of action to take.
  • Making sure you have all of the necessary supporting documents and other evidence.
  • Handling legal procedures and communication.

Whether you choose arbitration or a lawsuit, a lawyer can help you navigate the steps it takes to get a refund or replacement vehicle from the manufacturer.

Choosing a Lemon Law Attorney

Several lawyers in your area may specialize in lemon law or consumer protection cases.

To find the attorney who's right for you, you can contact several lemon law lawyers and schedule consultations to discuss your circumstances.

During these consultations, consider asking the lawyers about:

  • Their experience with lemon law cases.
    • How long have they practiced this type of law?
    • What kind of cases have they handled?
  • What you can reasonably expect.
    • What can lemon lawyers do on your behalf?
    • What will you be required to do?
    • How long might your case take?
  • Costs and payment.
    • What are the attorneys' fees? When will you pay them?
    • What other costs could you incur?

Getting information from several SD lemon lawyers can help you make a better decision about which lemon law attorney you should hire.

Lemon Law in South Dakota

The lemon law in South Dakota covers both new and used vehicles up to 24,000 miles, or 2 years from their original delivery date, whichever is first.

The law defines a lemon as a vehicle with a defect that has not been fixed:

  • After 4 attempts to repair it.
  • After 30 days in the shop for repairs.

If your vehicle reaches one of these limits, you must still give the manufacturer a final attempt to make the repair by sending them a certified letter with:

  • A description of your vehicle.
  • The defect that has not been fixed.
  • The places and dates of each repair attempt.

The manufacturer must respond to you within 7 days. They then have 14 days to resolve the problem.

A lemon law attorney can help you during this process, from helping you determine if you vehicle meets lemon law criteria to determining how to move forward if the manufacturer can't (or won't) fix the problem.

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