Bill of Sale Requirements in South Dakota

Selling a Car

Let's say your next-door neighbor is finally getting rid of that boring, family sedan. It's been a great performer, but it's getting a little long in the tooth.

You know that your son will be turning 14 years old next month, and he'll be itching to get his instruction permit not long after that. You don't want him learning to drive in your flashy, new Lamborghini.

So, you decide to buy your neighbor's car. But, how do you record things like how much you paid for it?

Bill of Sale Specifics

The best way is to use a Bill of Sale (Form MV-016), which is a written document that shows transfer of personal property, such as a motor vehicle or boat. It will usually contain space to record the purchase price, name, and address of the seller, as well as the model year and make.

You will need to have a Bill of Sale (Form MV-016) to handle various transactions in South Dakota, including some title transactions.

South Dakota has a handy Bill of Sale (Form MV-016) available online for you to download and print. So, there's no need to put together some makeshift version that might not be adequate.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading the South Dakota Bill of Sale form, we provide links to generic forms from our sponsors.

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