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    Facts about Organ Donation

    • Every attempt will be made to save your life. A separate team of doctors will harvest your organs after you die.
    • There is no charge to your family for your organ donation.
    • Almost everyone, regardless of sex, age, or race can donate organs.
    • All major religions approve organ donation as charitable giving, but realize it is an individual's choice.
    • Organ donation does not alter your appearance, so a normal open-casket funeral is still possible.
    • It is illegal to sell human organs or tissue.
    • Many organs and tissues can be donated by a live donor. You don't have to wait until you are dead to contribute blood, bone marrow, boneā€•and sometimes even a portion of your lung, liver, or pancreas. You may also donate one kidney if your other kidney is healthy and functioning properly.

    How to Become a Donor

    When applying for or renewing a driver's license, permit, or state ID card, you can request to have the donor designation added to the document.

    Or, complete an official Donor Card. You may also pick up a card at any Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office. Carry the card with you at all times.

    Be sure to let your family and friends know of your decision.

    Save Lives. Become an
    Organ Donor Today!

    Make a difference by registering to donate your eyes, tissues and organs!

    True or False

    Doctors don’t work with the same urgency to save your life if they know you’re an organ donor.

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    Every doctors first priority is to save your life regardless of your organ donation status.

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