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    Welcome to South Carolina, birth state of Dizzie Gillespie, Andrew Jackson, and Vanna White.

    South Carolina is a wonderful place to be, sprinkled with beaches, historical sites, and state parks, but first you need to take care of some business. Here you'll find the information you need to get a driver's license and register your vehicle in South Carolina. These transactions are handled through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), with office locations across the state.

    Driver's License

    You have 90 days to apply for your South Carolina driver's license after establishing residence in the state.

    You'll need to complete an Application for a Non-Commercial Credential (Class D, E, F, G, M, or an ID) (Form 447-NC) to apply for South Carolina credentials such as driver's licenses of all types or identification cards. When you apply, you will need to furnish documentation proving your identification, your residency, and your citizenship.

    The state has an identification website to help you determine which documents you will need when applying for your license. Although the list is lengthy, you will only need to provide one or two documents per section.


    You have 45 days to register and tag your vehicle with SC plates. Registration can also be handled by mail.

    Complete an Application for Certificate of Title and Registration for Motor Vehicle or Manufactured Home/Mobile Home (Form 400) and gather up your out-of-state title and registration, any lien information, proof of liability insurance, your receipt for paid property taxes, and the applicable fees―$15 to title all vehicles, and the registration fee depends on the type of vehicle.

    Send it all to the address specified on the form.

    Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Be sure to enjoy your first few days in the state and not get too bogged down with the move. South Carolina's beauty is to be enjoyed and the state provides many outlets for you and your family.

    A great starting point to find fun places around your new home is the state's tourism website Discover South Carolina. Here you'll find comprehensive lists of beaches, whitewater, historic festivals, activities for kids, and even "chick trips," the perfect for a weekend getaway with the girls.

    Other categories covered on the website include shopping and dining, outdoor activities, parks, and lodging.

    South Carolina Trivia

    • South Carolina was the 8th state.
    • The state flower is the Yellow Jessamine, a member of the olive family.
    • The highest point in the state is Sassafras Mountain at about 3,560 feet.
    • The capitol, and largest city, is Columbia.
    • The state bird is the Carolina Wren.
    • South Carolina has two state beverages: milk, and the hospitality beverage, tea.
    • More than 1 million peach trees grow in one South Carolina county, Edgefield.
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