DMV Appointments in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers an appointment system for driver's license testing and commercial driver's license (CDL) testing. See below for specific information.

Schedule a Road Test Appointment

You may schedule a road test appointment by contacting your local SC DMV office.

Schedule a CDL Test Appointment

You must make an appointment to take a CDL driving test at an approved DMV office. You may also contact the SC DMV Call Center at (803) 896-5000 to schedule an appointment.

Online Services

Not all tasks require an in-person visit to the SC DMV. Find out what you can take care of from your own computer by accessing our Online Services page.

Suggested Times to Visit the SC DMV

If you must pay a visit to your SC DMV, go during low-traffic times. The following suggestions could save you time standing in line.

Shortest Wait Time

  • Before the lunch hour (usually noon)
  • During the middle of the week (Tuesday through Thursday)
  • During the middle of the month

Longest Wait Times

  • During the lunch hour (starting at noon)
  • On the first and last day of the week that the office is open (Monday and Friday for most)
  • During the first or last week of the month
  • On the day before or just following a holiday

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