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    Are you one of those vehicular Doctor Frankenstein-types who enjoys the challenge of attempting to bring salvage vehicles back to life? If so, we at have compiled this section just for you. We won't explain how to rebuild a car, but we will detail all of the paperwork your state legally requires.

    We realize that often the main challenge with resuscitating a salvage vehicle isn't mechanical but instead in deciphering which forms and applications to submit to your state's Motor Vehicle department. Compounding this puzzle is that each state maintains different requirements.

    To clarify the entire process our page first defines―minus all of the usual legal mumble-jumble speak―what your state classifies as a salvage vehicle. It then goes into concise detail explaining what exact information is required to upgrade your project from salvage to non-salvage status.

    We list every required scrap of information that generally includes inspection certificates, vehicle identification number (VIN) confirmations, title and registration forms, photographs, insurance company damage reports, and bills of sale detailing parts used to repair your vehicle.

    And not only do we list these, but we also inform you whether or not these forms and applications require the signature of a notary or of an inspecting law enforcement official. Plus, we also, if available, include downloadable links to these forms and/or where to find them.

    And, as a service to first-time buyers, you'll also find some cautionary advice on the gambles involved with purchasing a salvage vehicle, and how having a keen-eyed mechanic inspect the car before buying is strongly recommmended.

    At, we focus on the paperwork―so you can focus on upgrading your vehicle.