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    Rhode Island Traffic Tickets

    Getting hit with a traffic ticket is always a financial burden. If you're not careful when driving, a simple trip can result in a hefty fine, or even a court appearance.

    Depending upon your offense, your insurance carrier may also raise your premiums. This especially bears true if you are a  teenage driver, who already pays higher insurance rates because you are a high risk, inexperienced driver.

    Your Rhode Island Traffic Ticket

    If you receive a traffic ticket in Rhode Island, you'll usually have the option of:

    • Paying the ticket.
    • Appearing in court.

    NOTE: Some offenses may require that you appear in person.

    Tickets are handled EITHER by the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal OR a municipal court. 

    Paying Your RI Traffic Ticket

    If your ticket is handled by the RI Traffic Tribunal, you can pay it:

    • Online.
    • By mail.
    • In person.

    Tickets must be paid within 20 days of receiving it.

    If your ticket is under the jurisdiction of a municipal court, you'll need to contact that court for payment options.


    To pay online, use the Traffic Tribunal's payment system. You will need:

    • Your summons number (on your ticket).
    • Your name.
    • Your Rhode Island driver's license number.
    • A credit or debit card for payment.

    NOTE: You may be charged a processing fee for online payments.

     By Mail

    To pay your summons by mail, send all of the following to the mailing address provided on your ticket:

    • A copy of your traffic ticket.
    • A check for the payment. Put your summons number on the check.

    Your payment must be postmarked within 20 days of the date your ticket was issued.

    In Person

    You can pay your traffic ticket in person at the RI Traffic Tribunal, located at:

    670 New London Avenue
    Cranston, RI 02920

    Appearing in Court

    If you pay your traffic ticket before your court date, you DO NOT have to appear in court.

    However, if you choose to go to court or if you're required to appear, be sure to read your ticket carefully so that you know:

    • Which court is handling your case.
    • The date and time you are summoned to appear.

    If you fail to appear in court at the required time, you may face:

    • Driver's license suspension or revocation.
    • Vehicle registration suspension or revocation.
    • Additional fees, fines, or other sentencing.

    Option for Drivers with Good Records

    RI allows a special guilty plea for drivers who have a good driving record, which is defined by the state as 3 years without committing a moving violation.
    To use this option, you must:
    • Appear in court to request the good driving record plea.
    • Pay the costs associated with the traffic ticket.
    • Bring a certified copy of your driving record IF you have a driver's license from outside of RI.

    Check Your RI Driving Record

    Unlike most other states, Rhode Island does not use a points system. Despite this, the state still maintains extensive driving records that can either be used for you or against you during an appeal process. Plus, if you do move to another state that uses the points system, your record may limit your chances for a quick licensing process.

    So, it's best to keep your driving record spotless. The cleaner your record, the better off you will be financially.