Motorcycle License in Rhode Island

If you opt to ramble the roads of Rhode Island from the saddle of a motorcycle, you must first own a regular driver's license before you can apply for a motorcycle endorsement.

If you meet this prerequisite, you then must successfully complete a motorcycle safety course administered by the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). Classes, weather permitting, run at CCRI's Warwick and Lincoln campuses. To register or for more information, call CCRI at (401) 825-1214.

After completing the safety course, you'll receive a certificate from CCRI. Bring this certificate and your Rhode Island driver's license to any DMV location to obtain your motorcycle permit. You will be charged a $26.50 permit fee. Credit cards are accepted.

You then must go through a 30 day "trial" period without procuring any tickets or being involved in any accidents while operating your motorcycle. If you clear this hurdle, you're free to return to any DMV location for your permanent motorcycle license. Bring your permit, driver's license, and $26.50 for a new photo license with your motorcycle endorsement.

If you're a new resident with a motorcycle endorsement from another state, you are not required to enroll in a motorcycle safety class. But, you are required to bring your current license/endorsement to any DMV office in order to receive a new one from Rhode Island.

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