Lost Traffic Ticket in Rhode Island

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Traffic Ticket Information in Rhode Island

If you have a lost traffic ticket, you'll need to get in touch with the RI Traffic Tribunal offices or the appropriate traffic court. Be prepared to provide some personal information, such as your name, birth date, driver's license, and license plate number.

The information provided below is relevant to lost traffic tickets in Rhode Island. These types of traffic tickets were issued due to a moving violation. They include but are not limited to a texting while driving ticket, a red light ticket, or a speeding ticket. In some situations the information may also be relevant to a lost parking ticket, but it's best to confirm this with your local court.

Rhode Island doesn't provide an online traffic ticket search to help find tickets.

Two agencies handle Rhode Island traffic citations: the Traffic Tribunal and Municipal Courts. To find traffic tickets, you'll need to contact one of these agencies.

Traffic Tribunal office handle state traffic violations, and Municipal Courts handle city traffic violations.

Sometimes, remembering where you received the traffic citation will help you determine which court has your lost ticket information.

For example, if you were within a city's limits when an officer pulled you over, you can start with that area's Municipal Court. Likewise, if you were on a state highway, outside of city limits, you can start with the Traffic Tribunal.

Contact Your RI Court

The Rhode Island Judiciary website provides information about the Traffic Tribunal and Municipal Courts; however, to retrieve lost traffic ticket information, it's best to call the agency. The website lists telephone numbers.

Once you locate your RI traffic court, be sure to ask about:

  • Your exact traffic ticket fine and court costs.
  • Your ticket arraignment date, or the date by which you must pay your RI traffic ticket.
  • Whether you're required to appear in court. (If you're not, you might pay your ticket online or by mail.)

Even though you know which court is handling your lost ticket, you might not know where the arraignment and court hearing will be held. The chief judge determines locations for Traffic Tribunal cases, and the law determines locations for Municipal Court. Be sure to ask when you call.

NOTE: It usually takes at least a week for the court to receive and process the traffic citation; if your traffic ticket doesn't show the first time you call, the clerk might suggest you call at a later date.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your RI Ticket

After you obtain some information about your lost traffic ticket in Rhode Island, you can plead:

  • "Guilty" or "no contest."
  • "Not guilty."

Usually, pleading "guilty" or "no contest" to your moving violation means paying the traffic ticket fine and dealing with any associated penalties; pleading "not guilty" means going to court. You may want to consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney if you will be fighting the charge.

Remember, lost tickets aren't a valid reason for missing your deadline date to respond to the traffic citation.

Visit Paying Your RI Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Traffic Ticket in Rhode Island for more information about each of these options.

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

  • Pay the fine, possibly online.
  • Risk suspended license or other penalties, like a habitual offender label.
  • Potentially receive the good driving record ticket dismissal.
  • Face increased auto insurance rates.

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Paying your Traffic Ticket »

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Plead not guilty at your arraignment.
  • Prepare and present your case at a hearing, possibly with a traffic ticket attorney.
  • Gain no penalties if found not guilty.
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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Fighting your Traffic Ticket »

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