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    ID Card Basics

    Having a Rhode Island non-driver identification card is like owning a snowblower. It's not a must-have possession, but you're sure glad you own one when the situation calls for it!

    An identification card can be used to cash checks, buy liquor, enter bars, board airlines, and check into hotels if you're paying with cash. Only Rhode Island residents who don't have a valid driver's license are eligible to receive an identification card.

    You can apply for a non-driver identification card at any Division of Motor Vehicles office. The cards cost $26.50. Residents 59 years old and older receive their identifications cards for free.

    ID Card Requirements

    To receive a Rhode Island non-driver photo identification card, you must meet the following criteria:

    • You must be a Rhode Island resident.
    • You cannot have a driver's license from Rhode Island or any other state.
    • You must complete the Application for License, Identification Card and Permits (Form L-1).
    • You must provide a valid identity document.
    • You must provide a valid signature document.
    • You must furnish proof of Rhode Island residency.
    • You must prove your Social Security number or provide an acceptable denial letter with a legitimate visa code.
    • You must pay the applicable fee:
      • Younger than 59 years old: $26.50.
      • 59 years old or older: Free.

    NOTE: Accepted forms of ID are also listed on the application itself.

    Renewing Your ID Card

    All Rhode Island ID card renewals must be conducted in person at your local DMV office. You'll need to submit a completed Application for License, Identification Card and Permits (form L-1).

    The renewal fee is $26.50 until you reach the age of 59, at which point it's free.

    Replacing Your ID Card

    To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID card:

    Make sure your name is accurately represented with the Social Security Administration before attempting to obtain the duplicate ID. Visit Social Security Online for more information about effecting a name change.

    National Security Demands New Procedures For Obtaining Your ID

    Rhode Island's governor has decided to bring the state into compliance with the REAL ID Act. This federal act, passed under the umbrella of the Patriot Act, requires that the original documents presented by an individual obtaining an ID be scanned and authenticated. These documents are then linked to a secured record.

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