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  • Name Change in Rhode Island

    Rhode Island Name Change Package - $29.95

    Miss Now Mrs's Name Change Packages automates the completion of the required forms to change your name in Rhode Island. Simply complete a quick questionnaire, print out the forms and file them. It couldn't be easier.

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    Name Change Package
    Includes Forms for:

    • Drivers License
    • Vehicle Title
    • Registration
    • IRS
    • Voter Registration
    • US Passport
    • Bank Notification
    • Credit Card Notification
    • Insurance Notification

    On a Driver's License or ID Card

    There are plenty of reasons why you'd have to change your name: marriage, divorce, legal name change, adoption, etc. If you need to change the name on your driver's license or ID card, you'll have to change it with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first.

    The DMV has to see the name change in the Social Security system before processing the transaction. Visit Social Security Online for more information about that process. You will need to wait for the SSA to process your request before you can change your name with the DMV.

    After you've done this, visit your local DMV office with:

    • Your current RI driver's license or ID card.
    • Your Social Security card or notice from the SSA with your new name.
    • A completed Application for License, Identification Car and Permits (Form LI-1).
    • Bring proof of your name change. The most common documents are marriage certificates, divorce decrees, or court-ordered papers.
    • Pay the $6.50 fee.

    The DMV allows you to show other forms of identification besides your driver's license and proof of name change. Instead, you can present an affidavit of name change, which is available at any DMV office. Have the affidavit notarized and present it with two documents as proof of name change (new Social Security card, valid voter registration card, U.S. passport, etc).

    On a Registration & Title

    To change your name on your vehicle registration and title, you will first need to change your name on your Rhode Island driver's license. Once you've done this, take the following to the RI DMV:

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