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  • Bill of Sale in Rhode Island

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    The Basics

    When buying or selling a car in Rhode Island, you must complete and sign a Bill of Sale. This is especially imperative from a buyer's standpoint, since the form is needed for titling and registration purposes.

    Tips for Completing Your Bill of Sale

    Although a Bill of Sale may look complicated, it's not difficult to complete the form if you remember the following tips:

    • Be sure that all necessary information―year, make, color, purchase price, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number (VIN)―is included.
    • Double checking that the VIN on the Bill of Sale exactly mirrors the number on the car is strongly suggested. Any deviation will stall the registering process.
    • Type or neatly print your information. Illegible applications won't be processed.
    • If you have questions, call your nearest Rhode Island DMV office for assistance.

    Generic Bill of Sale

    To assist you in finding a form, we provide links to generic forms from our sponsors.

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