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  • Personal Injury in Rhode Island

    When stripped of all legal jargon, personal injury simply means you were injured by someone's negligence. Negligence can pertain to situations such as speeding, driving while drunk, falling asleep at the wheel, leaving the scene of an accident, or zipping through a red light. Resulting financial difficulties due to lost wages and excessive medical bills can be overwhelming.
    RI Personal Injury

    To assist in building your case, a personal injury lawyer is strongly recommended. They understand that insurance companies are extremely seasoned on how to avoid paying out large settlements. A good lawyer can cut through all of the legal-speak obstacles that some insurance companies and their adjusters routinely use in their favor.

    Most personal injury lawyers will either offer free consultation and/or waive all legal fees unless they win your case. If a lawyer accepts, it's a strong sign that your case is winnable. And, studies prove that personal injury victims with lawyers routinely receive higher settlements.

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