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  • Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Rhode Island

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    As a first-time driver in Rhode Island, you must obtain an instruction permit before applying for your regular operator’s license ―the only exception is if you’re a new resident who already has a valid, out-of-state license. Once you have an instruction permit, you can apply for your regular operator’s license.

    If you already have a regular operator’s license, you may be more interested in one of the other kinds of licenses the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers:

    NOTE: Please visit our Teen Drivers section for information about limited instruction permits and limited provisional licenses for teens.

    2) Take a Driver’s Education Course

    You aren’t required to take a driver education course, but taking a supplemental training course can greatly improve your chances of passing your tests.

    3) Prepare for the Test

    Ready to start studying for your tests? Check out the Rhode Island Driver’s Manual. You may even want to take a few practice tests to quiz yourself and be prepared for your real tests.

    4) Locate a DMV Location

    You will take your written test at the Cranston DMV location. Be sure to call ahead and ask about hours and test schedules, as well as to make an appointment for your road test.

    5) Make Test-Day Preparations

    You’ll need to make basically the same preparations for both your written and road test days, so before heading out, be sure to:

    6) Take the Written Test

    You must take the written test if you’re a first-time driver or a new resident with an out-of-state license that’s been expired for more than one year.

    NOTE: The DMV offers oral tests for applicants with special needs.

    Once You Pass

    You'll receive your instruction permit. Your examiner will provide details about how long you must carry the permit before you can take the road test and obtain your full operator's license.

    If You Fail

    You'll need to take the test again. Your examiner will provide information regarding the waiting period and possible fees.

    7) Get a Car

    Your driver education course probably provided a vehicle, and you may even borrow your parents’ or a friend’s car for the driving test; however, once you obtain your operator’s license and start driving, you need a vehicle.

    You can manage the pressures of car-shopping when you make sure you know what you need out of a car, how much money you’re able to spend, and whether or not you’re willing to by a used vehicle (and, if you are, getting a vehicle history report is a brilliant way to protect yourself against buying a dud).

    8) Get Car Insurance

    Car insurance is mandatory in Rhode Island, so make sure the vehicle you test in and any other vehicle you own while you’re in the state meets Rhode Island’s minimum liability insurance requirements. Our Insurance Center outlines those requirements and helps you shop for the best car insurance rate.

    9) Take the Road Test

    You must make an appointment for your road test.

    In addition to your instruction permit and any documents and fees listed above, you must also bring your own vehicle for the road test. The vehicle can actually belong to someone else, but if that person isn’t present you need a notarized letter stating you have permission to use the vehicle.

    The vehicle must be properly registered with license plates and an inspection sticker. You must also provide proof of insurance. Our Insurance Center can help you make sure you meet the minimum requirements.

    Once You Pass

    You'll obtain your full Rhode Island operator's license. Your examiner will explain whether you get a temporary version (to carry until you receive a hard copy in the mail) or a permanent version.

    10) Receive Your License in the Mail

    While your examiner will let you know whether you'll immediately receive your operator's license or wait for it to arrive in the mail, it's always a good idea to keep the DMV informed of your most current mailing address.


    You can drive in Rhode Island with your valid out-of-country license; however, it’s a good idea to obtain an International Driver's Permit (IDP) obtained from your home country. The IDP translates your out-of-country license to English and is easier for American officials to read.

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