Relocating / Moving

Whoever said moving was easy either lied to you, had a personal assistant and the help of muscle-clad movers, or used our guide to relocating.

New Resident Resources

After moving, you might need to file a change of address, update your car registration and get your license. Getting chummy with the neighbors might also be a swell idea. View all topics.

Info for New Residents

New to Your State

Find out which agencies you need to deal with to update your license and registration in your new state. Get settled.

Change Address

Skip the hassle of forwarded mail and missing bills by finding the easiest way to update your address info. Change your address.

Applying for a New License

Get info on the steps, paperwork and written test requirements to trade your out-of state license for a new one. Get a license.

Identification Cards

Learn how to apply for a state-issued ID card at any age once you establish residency in your new town. Get an ID.

Car Registration

Read about smog requirements and registering your vehicle in the state if you currently have out-of-state plates. Get registered.

Voter Registration

Be certain you are accurately registered using your new address before it's time to cast your vote. Register to vote.

Safety Laws

Be familiar with the latest safety laws such as those involving cell phones and texting, seat belts, child safety seats and helmet requirements. Learn the laws.

Locations & Hours

Find the address, phone number and hours of the nearest state agency in your new city. Get going.