Motorcycle Registration in Pennsylvania

Just like cars, all motorcycles in Pennsylvania are required by law to be registered with the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) through an authorized agent. Most notaries, dealerships, and messenger services are authorized agents

The lines tend to be long, so prepare accordingly. And if possible, try to avoid visiting at the first and last of each month, for the lines during these times have been known to cause grown men to weep openly.

What to Bring

  • Form MV-1. This can't be downloaded, but you can get one from an authorized agent.
  • Proof of insurance. It must be with a Pennsylvania insurance company.
  • Proper identification.
  • Tracing or verification of your motorcycle's vehicle identification number (VIN). It must be verified by either an inspection mechanic or a dealership notary.
  • A check or money order to pay the $18 registration fee.

New residents to the state have 20 days to register their motorcycles. Registration processing takes about 10 days, and after you receive your registration in the mail you will have another 10 days to get your motorcycle inspected.

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