Lost Traffic Ticket in Pennsylvania

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Traffic Ticket Information in Pennsylvania

If you lost your PA traffic ticket, you can try to find an online ticket search at the appropriate PA traffic court's website. If this option is unavailable, you'll need to contact the PA traffic court directly for specific details about your lost ticket.

Below you'll find information about lost traffic tickets in Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that these are traffic citations that were issued because of a moving violation. These traffic violations include a red light light ticket, a speeding ticket, or a texting while driving ticket. In some situations, the rules also apply to a lost parking ticket, but generally they are enforced by another agency.

Most drivers won't be able to search for lost traffic tickets online. Some PA county court websites and even bigger city websites, like Philadelphia's Traffic Court site, might allow drivers to look for information like hearing dates, but typically, that's all.

Fortunately, a quick phone call or two usually can help you find lost ticket information, as well as other details about your traffic violation that may affect your driving record.

Determine Where You Got Your Traffic Ticket

More often than not, traffic tickets in Pennsylvania are handled on a county magistrate court level; however, depending on the area you were cited and the officer, your traffic ticket could be handled on a smaller town or city court level.

Figuring out who cited you or where you were when you received your PA traffic ticket provides a starting point to find tickets. Contact your county court and find out if your traffic ticket has been reported. If it hasn't, the clerk might be able to help you find the court where your ticket is located.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) can help, too. If your PA traffic citation is active, a PennDOT representative can take your driver's license number and find traffic violation information such as the county you were cited in, the court name and identification number, and your traffic citation number.

Visit the Pennsylvania County Court Website

If you're able to narrow down the appropriate court, you can contact that PA court to find out information about requesting a copy of your lost traffic ticket. Under normal circumstances, you'll just have to provide some basic information like your name and PA driver's license number in order to find traffic ticket information.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your PA Ticket

Once you've found your lost ticket (or at least have the necessary ticket information), determine how you will plead to your moving violation:

Unless there are extenuating circumstances (like a serious increase in driving record points), pleading "guilty" or "no contest" to a traffic violation usually means paying your ticket fine and any related surcharges and continuing on with life.

Pleading "not guilty," however, requires a court hearing in Pennsylvania. If you choose this option, you should think about hiring a traffic ticket attorney to help you win your case.

Remember, a lost ticket is not a valid excuse to responding to your traffic citation by the due date.

Check our sections on Paying Your PA Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your PA Traffic Ticket for more information on these processes.

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