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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Pennsylvania

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    Custom-Built Car Registration in Pennsylvania

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has special registration and titling regulations for reconstructed vehicles, specially constructed vehicles, recovered thefts, flooded vehicles, collectibles, modified vehicles, and street rods. This includes all, but not limited, to the following:

    • Vehicles made from a kit.
    • Vehicles made from several makes/models and years.
    • Homemade trailers.
    • Glider kits.
    • Dune buggies.

    This page outlines exactly what you need to do to get your custom-built car registered and titled in PA.

    Registration and Titling Requirements

    PennDOT has published a fact sheet about how to inspect and register reconstructed, specially constructed, or modified vehicles.

    To register your custom-built vehicle, you'll need to visit your closest PA DOT office and:

    Since you'll need to produce the receipts for all the component parts in your custom vehicle, start keeping good records as soon as you begin the project, and make sure to get a receipt or bill of sale for every piece you buy.

    Before you submit your paperwork to PennDOT, you will need to get your vehicle inspected at an official inspection station. The inspector will need to complete your application form, so bring along all your paperwork. See "Vehicle Inspection Information" below for more details.

    Then staple all your documents together and mail them to:

    Department of Transportation
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Special Services Unit
    P.O. Box C69007
    Harrisburg, PA 17106

    NOTE: While collectible vehicles are required to go through a vehicle safety inspection, your collectible vehicle is exempt from emissions inspections.

    Vehicle Inspection Information

    If you own a specially-constructed vehicle, you will need to take it through an enhanced vehicle safety inspection. The intent is to make sure the car meets all equipment and inspection requirements.

    To proceed, you'll need to visit an enhanced vehicle safety inspection station. Please visit the PA DOT website on Station Owners and Mechanics for more information.

    As soon as the enhanced inspection is complete and you've passed, the inspector or individual who reviews your documents will take photographs of your vehicle. Next, he or she will evaluate all of your documents that are required for titling your specially-constructed vehicle. You will be required to show the following (contact your inspector for other documents you may need:

    Replacing a Lost Title in PA

    If you've already been through the process with the PA DOT, but lost the vehicle title for your custom-built vehicle, you will need to apply for a duplicate title.

    The DOT will require you to submit payment for the $50 replacement title fee.

    For specific instructions on how to replace your lost or stolen PA vehicle title, please visit our page about Replacing a Lost Title in Pennsylvania.