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    5 Things You Need To Know About

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    It’s always good to get to know the company you’re working with and is no exception. In fact, we welcome and encourage you to ask us any question you might have regarding our company and the services we provide.

    Below are a few facts that we hope will shed some light on why should be your website of choice when it comes to helping you with your DMV and Motor Vehicle issues and concerns.

    • offers a different experience than your state DMV site.

      We’re the first to acknowledge that state agencies have a tough job to do. With all the different departments and responsibilities, it's hard for them to always display their information on their website in a way that's easy-to-find and easy-to-understand.

      So, we take all the information found on DMV sites and put it in one convenient site. We write the content in plain English so it’s easy to understand and if we don’t have the forms or services on our site, we provide links to forms and online services on the state or private sites.

    • is NOT a replacement for your state agency.

      Our charter isn’t to replace, but to help state agencies. We believe that by helping visitors like you find the forms, facts and information you need, we actually lessen the stress and strain that state DMV agencies have. We aim at shortening lines, reducing calls, and when you do visit a DMV office, our goal is for you to be more informed - which helps everyone stay happy.

    • has over 10 years experience.

      We were one of the first publishing sites on the Internet specifically designed to help drivers with DMV related issues. Launched in 1999, we have grown steadily over the years and are now the largest driver related site on the web, servicing
      over 90,000,000 visitors a year.

      We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating and our Facebook page is growing daily with hundreds of thousands of fans!

    • prides itself in making sure the information on our site is as accurate and as current as possible.

      Our staff of researchers and writers are constantly reviewing state sites, looking for any new updates or changes. When we find them, we immediately update our site.

      In addition, we ask state DMV's to also help us keep current. When a state makes a change in a ruling or requirement, they often contact us and let us know about the changes. They’re even encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions on how we can make things better. And that helps us all.

    • operates on the Do Good rule.

      At, we have a different take on how a company should be operated. We believe that by doing good, we do better as a company, we do better as an employer and we do better as individuals. So, we do our best to do good by:

      • providing the information on our site free of charge.
      • promoting green initiatives and causes that protect our world.
      • contributing to charities and non-profit organizations.
      • fostering a healthy and rewarding work environment. Milestones