Replacing a Lost CDL in Oregon

Apply for a replacement commercial driver's license in person with the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV); if you're currently out of state, the DMV MIGHT make other arrangements for you.

Replace your CDL as soon as possible; you aren't legally allowed to operate a commercial vehicle or truck without a valid, properly endorsed CDL in hand. Also, consider reporting your lost CDL to law enforcement to help fight identity theft.

Apply for a Replacement CDL in OR

Typically, you must apply for a duplicate CDL in person.

When you visit your local DMV office, be ready to:

  • Complete the replacement application.
    • You must provide your Social Security number.
    • The DMV accepts a list of other documents if you're not eligible for a SSN.
  • Show the following required documents:
    • Proof of your full legal name.
    • Proof of identity, date of birth, and legal residence (i.e. U.S. citizen or lawful presence).
    • Proof of residency IF you've your address has changed.
    • Certain CDL-related documents including your medical card or waiver and any documents that certify the type of commercial driving and the federal requirements you meet.
  • Pay the $26.50 fee.

Out-of-State OR Duplicate CDL

As mentioned above, generally you must be in state to apply for a replacement CDL; however, if you're out of state and need a duplicate before you get home, the OR DMV MIGHT be able to help. Contact your local DMV office as soon as possible.

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