Replacing a Lost CDL in Oregon

Getting a Replacement CDL

To obtain a replacement commercial driver license (CDL) from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must appear in person at a regular or full-service DMV location, and present proof of identity and pay the replacement fee of $26.50.

If DMV does not have your photo on file, one of the pieces of ID must be either a birth certificate or official identification that does include a photo, such as a passport, military ID, or immigration document with photo. Drivers who are out of state and are unable to go to a DMV office are asked to contact the Oregon DMV.

What a Replacement Covers

The DMV will provide replacements for CDLs or permits that are lost, stolen, mutilated, or otherwise destroyed. This is providing your driving privileges are not currently suspended or revoked in Oregon or any other state.

You may also get a new license if you change your address and choose to replace your old license, if you change your name, or if you desire a change, addition, or deletion in notation, photo, or signature.

Other circumstances that are covered are:

  • Exchanging a valid CDL without a photo for one that includes a photo
  • Replacing a CDL with an error
  • Obtaining a CDL after reinstatement of a suspension
  • Replacing a CDL confiscated by the courts or law enforcement
  • Addition or removal of CDL restrictions or endorsements

The Oregon DMV does not accept debit or credit cards, but does accept checks with proper ID and cash, which is available at ATMs at most locations.

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