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  • Renewing Your License in Oregon

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    Determine the Status of Your License

    Driving without a valid license is against the law, so you'll want to renew your license as soon as possible.

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    Valid License

    Renewing your license is simple and inexpensive, and extends driving privileges for 8 years at a time. You can see if your license is valid by requesting a copy of your driving record or checking the listed expiration date.

    NOTE: To learn how to renew a commercial license, visit our CDL section.

    Expired License

    You can see if your license has expired by ordering a copy of your driving record or checking the date listed.

    If your license has expired, you still have 1 year after expiration to go to a DMV office and renew before having to re-take the knowledge and drive tests.

    Suspended License

    Requesting a copy of your driving record can help you determine if your license has been suspended. To regain your driving privileges, you'll need to pay a $75 reinstatement fee and meet a series of requirements determined by the reason for which your license was suspended. To learn more, contact the DMV at (503) 945-5000.

    It's fairly common for your auto insurance premiums to increase after your license has been suspended. To save money, try comparing rates of various carriers through our Insurance Center.

    Our section on suspended licenses has more information about the process of regaining your driving privileges.

    Lost License

    For information about requesting a duplicate driver's license, see our page on Replacing a Lost License.

    Check Your Renewal Notice

    The DMV sends postcards to drivers 2 months before their licenses expire.

    If you do not receive the reminder, it does not mean you cannot renew your expiring license. However, you will need your current license or ID card in order to renew.

    Renew Online

    Unfortunately, driver's licenses can't currently be renewed online due to concerns about the potential for identity theft.

    Renew By Mail

    If you are temporarily out of the state and cannot come to your local DMV office, you may request a "Valid Without Photo" driver license packet by calling the DMV at (503) 945-5000. Mail the form in with your fee and renewal license will be mailed back to you.

    Renew In Person

    To renew your driver's license in person, go to your local Oregon DMV office and:

    1. Provide proof of identity, Social Security number, birth date, and legal presence in the United States.
    2. If your address has changed, provide proof of address.
    3. Submit a completed Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card (Form 735-173), which will also include a series of medical questions to answer.
    4. If you are 50 years old or older, pass a DMV vision screening.
    5. Take the written and driving tests if your license has been expired for longer than 1 year.
    6. Pay renewal fee of $40 for a regular Class C non-commercial license. Credit cards and debit cards will not be accepted, so be ready to pay by cash or check.

    Update Your Driving Skills

    After renewing your driver's license, you may want to complete a supplemental traffic school course. This can refresh your memory regarding the rules of the road while possibly reducing your insurance payments. If your current insurance carrier doesn't offer a discount for course completion, consider shopping our Insurance Center for a new policy.