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    Note:If your court is not listed please follow the instructions on your ticket

    Know Your Options

    Pay Ticket
    (Plead Guilty or No Contest)

    Fight Ticket
    (Plead Not Guilty)

    • Enter a not guilty plea.
    • Prepare for your hearing, possibly with help from a traffic ticket attorney.
    • Suffer no penalties if found not guilty (except applicable court/attorney fees).
    • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

    Learn more about
    Fighting your Traffic Ticket »

    What it Means to Pay Your OR Traffic Ticket

    Paying your OR traffic ticket means:

    • Pleading guilty.
    • Pleading no contest.

    In addition to paying your traffic ticket fines, choosing either option means:

    • You might pay online, by phone, or by mail and avoid a court appearance (see below).
    • You could face license suspension or revocation, depending on the violation.
    • Your judge might allow Driver Improvement Program enrollment for ticket dismissal (if eligible).
    • Your auto insurance company might increase your rates.

    Note that if:

    • You have a provisional driver license, traffic convictions (i.e. pleading guilty or no contest) can result in restricted driving privileges.
    • You’re charged with DUII, you face must harsher penalties and steeper fines for pleading to or being found guilty. Refer to DUI & DWI page for more information.

    There’s a date on your citation; you must plead guilty or no contest and pay by this date. If you don’t, you’ll receive a “Failure to Appear” notice with a new date, usually for the following month.

    If you still fail to pay, the court will notify the DMV to suspend your license and may assign your fine to a collection agency.

    If you have any questions, contact your court.

    Plead Guilty as a OR CDL Driver

    Typically, there’s no difference between the way regular drivers plead guilty or no contest and the way CDL drivers do.

    CDL drivers just need to remember:

    • The must notify their employers within 30 days of a violation.
    • Because a guilty or no contest plea brings the same consequences as being found guilty, they could face career-altering penalties

    Our Ticket Fines and Penalties more fully outlines federally-mandated penalties CDL drivers face.

    Plead Not Guilty

    Remember: You don’t have to plead guilty or no contest. Some drivers find it more convenient, but if you believe you’re innocent you can plead not guilty and fight your charge in court.

    Refer to Fighting Your Traffic Ticket for more information about this option.

    Pay Your Oregon Traffic Ticket Online

    Some Oregon courts allow drivers to pay their traffic ticket fines via the OJD Courts ePay.

    Generally, your court receives your payment within one business day and you can conveniently pay fines in a county other than your home county.

    Be prepared to:

    • Use a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card.
    • Provide your citation number.
    • Pay a processing fee.
    • Enter the name of the county in which you received the ticket.

    Keep reading for additional ways to pay your traffic ticket fine.

    Additional Traffic Ticket Payment Options

    Your exact payment options and methods will depend on the court handling your ticket, but most courts allow drivers to pay:

    • Over the phone.
    • By mail.
    • In person at the courthouse.

    Payment methods vary, but most courts accept credit cards, checks, or money orders. Some courts allow cash for in-person payments, and some allow debit card payments.

    Check your citation for these options. For further assistance, contact your court.

    Get Points Removed from Your Driving Record

    Oregon doesn’t use a point system for traffic violations.

    Check Your Driving Record

    Even though you won’t accumulate points for a traffic violation, it’s still beneficial to check your driving record.

    Make sure:

    • Only the applicable violation shows up after a guilty or no contest plea.
    • No violation appears if the judge allowed you to enroll in the Driver Improvement Program for ticket dismissal.

    Learn how to get a copy of yours at OR Driving Records.

    Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

    Unless your judge gives you a ticket dismissal option, chances are your auto insurance company is going to increase your rates for pleading guilty or no contest.

    Contact your provider and ask whether you’ll see an increase the next time you renew your policy; if so, you can start comparing insurance quotes online now to find a more affordable policy.