Motorcycle Registration in Oregon

Registering a motorcycle with the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) consists of a filling out a Application for Title and Registration (Form 735-226) available online, and paying a $48 fee for a 2 year registration ($43 for hybrid or electric powered motorcycles).

There is also a $77 regular title fee, and if the motorcycle has not already been registered, you will also have to pay the $12 plate fee for a new plate.

To register your motorcycle, visit a regular or full service DMV office and:

Depending on where you bought your motorcycle and if it's new or used, there might be more steps involved. Complete instructions to register your motorcycle in Oregon are available on the DMV website and on our Car Registration page.

Motorcycle License Plates

The motorcycle and moped registration plates in Oregon have a yellow background with blue lettering. You'll receive one plate, which should be displayed on the rear of the motorcycle.

The following custom plates for motorcycles are available in Oregon:

  • Disabled veteran plates
  • Ex-POW plates
  • Ham (radio operator) plates

The Oregon DMV offers the following tips for title and registration:

  • If your motorcycle has a lien on it, initiate the titling and registration process immediately upon moving to Oregon from out of state. Oregon must have the current certificate of title for your vehicle, which your lender may be holding.
  • You must title a motorcycle in Oregon to register it in Oregon.
  • Submitting an application for registration means you are certifying you have the insurance required by Oregon law and will comply with those requirements as long as the vehicle is registered in your name.
  • Oregon DMV will not issue a title for an out-of-state vehicle or motorcycle that has had certain kinds of damage, such as flooding.

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