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  • Motorcycle Manual in Oregon

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    OR Motorcycle Manual

    Information about a license for motorcycling in Oregon is detailed in the Department of Motor Vehicle's Oregon Motorcycle & Moped Manual, which is also available at DMV locations.

    To get a motorcycle endorsement or instruction permit, you must pass the regular (Class C) knowledge test, and then obtain a motorcycle endorsement or instruction permit by passing the motorcycle knowledge test.

    This test checks your understanding of rules and safe riding, which you can study in the Oregon Motorcycle & Moped Driver Manual.

    The manual details safe and legal motorcycle operation in Oregon, with the following information:

    • Preparing to ride, proper gear, checking equipment: the DMV recommends proper face and eye protection and protective clothing, and requires a helmet for all operators and riders
    • Know your motorcycle: advises riders to be familiar with the handbook, motorcycle controls and condition
    • Know your responsibilities: what to do in the case of an accident, provides tips for safe motorcycle riding, including:
      • Being visible with bright-colored clothing and use of headlights
      • Communicating with other drivers using signals, brake lights and lane position
      • Maintaining an adequate space cushion when driving
      • Remaining alert and prepared to act to avoid accidents
    • Ride within your abilities: basic vehicle control, keeping your distance, passing, merging, and more
    • SIPDE―Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute: details this safe driving strategy.
    • Intersections
    • Crash avoidance
    • Handling dangerous surfaces
    • Mechanical problems

    Other topics covered in the Oregon Motorcycle Manual include animals, flying objects, getting off the road, passengers and cargo, and group riding, physical fitness for driving, dangers of alcohol and driving, and fatigue.

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