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    Drivers with disabilities in Oregon may obtain permits for special parking privileges. To qualify for a disabled person parking permit, individuals must be certified as having a permanent or temporary disability by an authorized health care specialist.

    To obtain a disabled person parking permit, applicants must have a valid Oregon driver license or identification card. No fee is required, but a completed Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit with a licensed physician's signature must be submitted to the DMV.

    How to Apply

    For renewable and temporary permits, apply in person at a DMV location, or mail the application to:

    • DMV
    • Driver Issuance Unit
    • 1905 Lana Ave NE
    • Salem, OR 97314

    For a family or program disabled parking permit, you must apply by mail to the same address.

    If you qualify for a "no photo" parking ID card as certified by a physician, then you must apply for it by mail to the same address.

    If you do not have a current, valid Oregon driver license or ID card, you must apply in person at a DMV office.

    Reciprocity with Other States and Countries

    Oregon recognizes disabled parking permits that are issued by other states or countries. Conversely, most other states honor Oregon temporary disability parking placards. To find out for sure, contact the DMV for the state you plan to visit, or visit our Drivers with Disabilities section for that state. Also, see under "temporary permits" below for special temporary permits for travelers and foreign visitors.

    Types of Permits and Expirations

    The Oregon DMV issues the following types of permits, which vary in privileges.

    Renewable permits are valid until the expiration of the associated driver license or ID card, and must be renewed along with license or ID card renewal:

    • Renewable disabled person parking permit
    • Family disabled parking permit
    • Program disabled parking permit (for organizations that transport disabled persons)

    Temporary permits are valid for a length of time deemed necessary by a physician, but not to exceed 6 months. Special travel permit and foreign visitor permits are also available (contact your local DMV for details):

    • Temporary disabled parking permit, valid for as long as 6 months
    • Temporary duplicate disabled parking permit (for travel purposes), valid for 30 days
    • Foreign visitor disabled parking permit, valid for 30 days

    There are both light blue and darker blue-colored disabled parking permits currently acceptable in Oregon, and both have the same valid disabled parking privileges.

    Parking Privileges

    The family, renewable, and temporary permits allow the permit holder or person transporting permit holder to park in the following:

    • Any parking place reserved for disabled parking
    • A public parking zone that has a limit of more than 30 minutes without paying the parking meter fee or overtime penalties

    The program permit allows parking in:

    • Any space reserved for disabled parking for three hours or less.
    • A metered parking zone for 3 hours or less without paying the parking meter fee or overtime penalties.


    To replace a disabled person parking permit that is lost, destroyed or mutilated, complete and submit an Application for Replacement Disabled Person Parking Permit.

    Disability License Plates

    The only disabled license plates in Oregon are disabled veterans plates. These plates plates do not allow parking in disabled spaces―a disabled parking permit or decal is still required for this privilege.

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