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  • Boat Registration and Licenses in Oregon

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    Boat Registration and Licenses in Oregon

    If you just recently purchased a new or used boat, or moved to Oregon from out of state, you will more than likely need to get in touch with the Oregon State Marine Board for your boat title and registration needs. Please note, the Oregon DMV does not title or register boats.

    Continue reading this page to learn more about how to register and title your boat in Oregon.

    Boats You Must Register

    • All motorboats.
    • Sailboats12 ft and longer.

    You Do Not Need To Register:

    • Canoes.
    • Kayaks.
    • Rowboats.

    Boat Requirements and Procedures

    In Oregon, title transfers for boats must be initiated within 30 days of the date of purchase. Title transfers received after 30 days will be subject to a $25 penalty fee.

    Some boats in Oregon require an inspection before they can be titled and registered. You must receive a hull identification number (HIN) inspection in Oregon if you own any of the following types of boats:

    • Homebuilt boats.
    • A boat that has never been titled or registered in any state.
    • A boat that was registered in a non-title state.
    • A boat that has an incorrect hull identification number.

    If the Boat is New

    1. Complete an Application for Boat Title and/or Registration (Form 250-R07).
    2. Submit the application, along with a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin and a check for all required fees, to a Marine Bond Agent; or mail to the address on the application.

    If the Boat has Been Previously Registered

    1. Have the seller sign and date the "release of interest line" on the Oregon Certificate of Title.
    2. Complete an Application for Boat Title and/or Registration (Form 250-R07).
    3. Either deliver the application and all required fees to a Marine Bond Agent, or mail it to the address on the application.

    If the Boat is Registered in Another State

    1. Complete an Application for Boat Title and/or Registration (Form 250-R07).
    2. If the other state did not require a title, submit: a completed application, a bill of sale, your previous registration card and all required fees.
    3. If the other state required a title, submit: a completed application, your out-of-state title and all required fees.
    4. Either deliver documents to a Marine Bond Agent, or mail to the address on the application.

    Boat Registration & Title Fees

    • Titles:$30
    • Registration fees are calculated at $3 per foot of the center length of the boat, bow to stern, rounded up to the nearest foot.
    • All boat owners, when registering, must also pay a $5 Aquatic Invasive Species surcharge.

    Renewals and Replacements

    All boat registration certificates are valid for 2 calendar years and expire December 31.

    Renew Online

    Use the PIN and certificate numbers on your renewal form to register online.

    Renew by Mail

    You can also mail your renewal notification form to:

    • Oregon State Marine Board
    • P.O. Box 14145
    • Salem, OR 97309-5065

    Renew in Person

    To renew your boat registration in person, you'll need to visit any Marine Bond Agent with your renewal notification card.

    Replace Lost Registration

    You must visit any Marine Bond Agent. Be sure to bring proof of identification, and your boat's identification number.

    Cost: $10

    Boater Safety Card

    Anyone operating a motorized power boat greater than 10 horsepower must carry a boater education card.

    Boater Safety Course

    • Online: State-approved Click its link below for immediate course information.
    • Classroom: Courses are offered throughout the state.
    • Equivalency Exam: Geared towards experienced boaters with a firm grasp on boating regulations. Exams are offered throughout the year.

    In some cases, you can save yourself some money on your boat insurance policy by taking one of these courses. For more information, please view our Boat Insurance page.

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