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  • RV & Motorhome Registration in Oklahoma

    Register Your RV or Motorhome in Oklahoma

    All recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorhomes must be registered in Oklahoma. This must be done in person through the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

    To register your RV or motor home, you’ll need several documents, including the vehicle title.

    If you buy your RV from a dealership, they will process all of the required paperwork for you. However, if you buy a motorhome from a private seller, you’ll be responsible for titling and registering it yourself.

    Oklahoma RV & Motorhome Registration

    To register a motorhome or RV in Oklahoma, you must go in person to your local motor license agency. (Currently, you cannot complete an initial registration online.)

    You will need to provide the following documents to title and register your RV or motorhome:

    Make sure to keep the receipt after paying the registration fees for the RV or motorhome.

    Fees for RV Registration

    The registration fees associated with your RV or motorhome depend on how many years your vehicle has been registered:

    • 1st year to 4th year: $91.
    • 5th year to 8th year: $81.
    • 9th year to 12th year: $61.
    • 13th year to 16th year: $41.
    • 17th year and after: $21.

    Vehicle Inspection

    An inspection must be completed by the registering tag agency at the time of registration IF the vehicle is used AND has an out-of state title.

    The agency will verify both the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the odometer reading.

    OK RV Registration Renewal

    To ensure you renew your registration promptly, you can choose to get renewal reminders via email or mail (postcard). When it's time to renew, you can do so:

    You will need the following when renewing an RV registration:

    • Title/license plate number.
    • Proof of liability insurance.
    • Check or money order for the appropriate registration fee.
    • If you renew by mail, you must also pay an additional:
      • $1.50 for a new decal OR $3 for a decal and license plate via mail.
      • $1.50 for insurance processing.

    Oklahoma RV Definition

    A vehicle is considered an RV if it is built on or permanently attached to a self-propelling, motor-powered chassis.

    Additionally, it must be equipped for living and include ALL of the following:

    • Permanent toilet facilities.
    • Water tanks.
    • A kitchen with a permanent cooking appliance.
    • A sleeping space.

    If any of these facilities can be removed, then that vehicle cannot be considered a recreational vehicle.

    If you are unsure if your RV/motorhome qualifies, it is best to check with your local Oklahoma motor licensing agency.

    Mobile & Manufactured Home Registration

    You must title and register your manufactured or mobile home.

    You can complete the mobile home registration and titling process at any OK tag agency. You must also provide proof of payment for ad valorem taxes (from the dealership) to complete the motorhome registration.

    The registration fees are based on the purchase price or value of the home.

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