Replacing a Lost CDL in Oklahoma

Replacing a CDL

If your Oklahoma CDL is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you will need to get a replacement license. In order to do so, you must appear in person at your local Department of Public Service (DPS) Driver's License Examiner's Station.

Note that if your Oklahoma CDL has been destroyed and you have the remains, you will need to bring them with you to the driver's license examiner's office, as any remaining part of the CDL must be turn in when a new CDL is issued.

Required ID

When you do to your driver's license examiner's office to replace your lost, stolen, or destroyed Oklahoma CDL, you will be required to present identification. Any secondary ID as listed in our Renewing Your CDL section is acceptable identification for a replacement CDL.


The fee to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed Oklahoma CDL is $10.

Temporary CDL

At the driver's license examiner's office, you will be issued a temporary Oklahoma CDL, which is good for 60 days or until your new CDL can be mailed to your home address.

If you will be away from home driving when your new license is scheduled to arrive, you might want to have someone from home forward it forward it to you, if possible.

Stolen Oklahoma CDL

If your Oklahoma CDL is stolen, you are not required to make a police report, whether you are inside or outside of Oklahoma. However, if you are outside Oklahoma and cannot get back to Oklahoma to get a replacement soon, it would be in your interest to file a police report in case you are required to produce your Oklahoma CDL while you are out of state.

Outside Oklahoma

If your CDL is lost, stolen or destroyed outside of Oklahoma, you will still be required to request a replacement in person at your local driver's license examiner's office.

Keeping your CDL Safe

Many commercial drivers keep their CDLs separate from their regular wallet or billfold. Many keep an enlarged photocopy of their license with their trip book, in the truck's glove compartment, with their manifest, or in their personal luggage while driving over the road.

If you are employed by a trucking firm, many times the company will have a copy of your CDL in their files. Call the human resources department or your dispatcher and ask if they have a copy and whether thy can fax it to you on the road.

Most large truck stops have fax machines that may be used for a small fee. Ask the truck stop manager about how you may receive a copy of your license by fax.

Also, if you carry a laptop or other portable computer with you on the road, as a precaution, scan or even photograph your license and keep the copy on the hard drive of your portable computer. Then, if you should lose your CDL, you have a copy on your hard drive. Most truck stops also have wireless computer connections as well as printing capabilities. Ask the truck stop manager about this.

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